Haringey Health

Haringey Primary Care Trust commissioned an investigative documentary to improve their services for local residents, specifically to address any potential inequality for Black and Minority Ethnic users.

How equal is our health service in the UK? What about the areas where a large proportion of the community struggle to speakEnglish ?

Haringey is one of the most diverse boroughs in the UK, home to 230,000 people, speaking 180 different languages. For this short 10 minute doc, Penny was commissioned by the NHS to ask unsolicited residents to feedback on their own experiences of health care services.  The  aim was to highlight any shortcomings, from the users perspective, devoid of political bias. 

During the course of one interview a story emerged of a local GP who was behaving inappropriately with his young female patients, asking to examine their ‘private parts’ during visits. This disclosure called for sensitivity and discretion to be sure that swift action was taken. 

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