Design In Motion

In Penny's first book Design In Motion she looks at where design and moving image intersect, by clarifying the role that graphic design could and should play within filmmaking.

Be it live action, animation, narrative or abstract, from a two pic gif to a feature length film, Penny argues that each stage of the filmmaking process can be informed and improved by applying principles of design. Principles such as structure, tone, composition, scale, symmetry, shape, tone, colour hierarchy, typography, pace and rhythm. Lets have a quick look through. 

As former course leader and senior lecturer in the design school at LCC, Penny draws on her experience of teaching emerging filmmakers. Work from the best of them features in the book and sits sitting alongside the work of some of cinemas greatest directors. 

Divided into three parts, the book sets out all the relevant stages where the principles of design can have the most  impact on your work.

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